c o d y    y a n t i s

Fed up with twenty plus years of back pain, I decided to give Yoga a try. It wasn't quick or easy, but it worked. Far more importantly, though, Yoga has become a path toward deep and necessary change, equipping me with the tools and resolve to peel away the armor of cynicism, fear, and self-doubt. "The mind's a knot, says Kabir, / Not easy to untie." Yoga loosens these binds, allowing us to reside firmly in the present and settle into our true Self.

Presently, I teach a range of classes at Asana Studio in Arvada, Colorado. I'm also a member of the Connect Yoga Teacher Training faculty, with a focus on meditation, mantra, The Bhagavad Gita, and Sanskrit. I invite you to join our amazing community and explore this practice with me.