c o d y    y a n t i s

What began as a way to document living and traveling abroad evolved, a few years back, into a more active creative pursuit. My work tends to fall into the fields of landscape (rural and urban) and/or travel photography, though I enjoy exploring more abstract realms as well. Often, I'm wrestling with notions of the vernacular and wabi-sabi as I release the shutter. I predominantly work in film, usually with Minolta SLRs, but I also shoot with an Olympus OM-D E-M10. I post daily on Instagram, curate pairings and trios of photos for my blog, Purposeful Imperfections, and share larger sets and projects to Flickr.

I also make short videos that are part landscape and part abstraction. Often, a heavy emphasis is placed on sonic elements (including silence). I post these to Vimeo.